Artist Alley


If you've ever been to a con, you've undoubtedly journeyed into the artist alley area at some point or another. Here, artists may sell their handmade goods for their own profit, whether they make plushies, artworks, stickers, or a completely different type of product. If you are planning to buy goods from the artist alley, please be aware that artists generally accept only cash, so bring plenty of it!

Please read all of the information before applying for Artist Alley. A button leading to the registration form can be found below the information.

Artist Alley policies have been updated for uchi-con 2020! Please reread the “Applying for a Table” section below before you apply!

Applying For a table

  • Starting from uchi-con 2020, all artists must submit a sample of their work in their applications. We are no longer following the previous first-come, first-serve policy. This is to allow us to have an even distribution of different types of merchandise for con-goers to choose from.

  • Each application should contain a link to a Google Drive folder containing 6 to 10 art pieces or merchandise.

    • Both original artwork and fanart are accepted.

    • Please limit the pictures to art (prints, keychains, t-shirts etc) that you plan to sell at our convention.

    • For larger physical merchandise (eg. plushies), you may submit up to three images per object to capture different angles of it. These will be counted as a single piece. Please keep file sizes under 5MB each.

    • Grouped merchandise (eg. a series of Pokémon charms) may be featured in a single image as a single piece. Please limit each piece to a single franchise.

    • Please organize your pieces in terms of highest priority. All pieces after the first ten will not be considered.

  • We are mainly looking to ensure a variety of goods are available in the Artist Alley, and artists will primarily be chosen based on this.

  • Five spots in the artist alley will be reserved for University of Chicago students, but will be opened to the public if they are not filled up.

  • If you are a vendor and wish to sell merchandise, please refer to our vendor policy below.

  • Just filling out the form DOES NOT mean you have been automatically accepted into the Artist Alley; we will send you an email letting you know if you have been accepted or waitlisted a month after applications open.

    • If you are waitlisted, we will contact you as soon as a table is available.

    • If for any reason you are unable to table at uchi-con after being accepted, please let us know via email as soon as possible.

  • By applying for the Artist Alley you agree to have read the rules and understand that displayed art should follow the PG-13 guidelines listed there.

  • Important dates:

    • Applications open: October 15th, 2019

    • Application deadline: November 1st, 2019

    • Results: December 16th, 2019

    • Day of convention: January 25th, 2020

  • Tables are 6' x 2.5'

  • Tables are assigned convention day on a first come, first serve basis. Arrive early to get the best spot possible for your needs.

  • You may have any number of people helping you man your table. All helpers must register for the convention, either by pre-registering or by registering on the day.

  • You may request up to 10 chairs for your table, but space behind your table is limited. Realistically, you could comfortably fit 2 chairs. You could fit 3 with some squeezing and Tetris skills but it wouldn't be the most comfortable.

  • We will be providing guest WiFi access for artists tabling with us. Artists who wish to be signed onto the guest network must report to the Artist Alley station at the front of the AA hall to be signed in. Only one device per artist team can be signed onto the guest network. Artists are not permitted to save WiFi account information. Regular con-goers cannot request access to the guest network.

  • There are very few plugs in Ida Noyes. Please be prepared for this. We will not be providing extension cords or power strips. If you bring your own, please do not run them across the walkways where people can trip on them. Keep in mind that Ida Noyes is an old building and cannot handle too many electronics being plugged in at once.

  • Please bring your own change. We have a limited amount and most of it is in use during the convention. We will direct you to the nearest bank if requested, but it is better to be prepared than to be late setting up.

  • If you are considering selling uchi-con branded merchandise, please contact us first.

  • Be considerate of those around you.


  • Artist Alley check in begins at 8:30 AM. Arrive as early as possible if you want a specific spot.

  • Make sure that you have adequate change on hand.

  • Upon arrival, head to registration to pick up your badge.

  • After picking up your badge, head to the Artist Alley. Check in with the uchi-con staff member on duty.

  • You will then be welcome to select a table and set up for the day.

Convention day

  • uchi-con is a PG-13 convention! That means that all displayed art pieces must hold to a PG-13 standard: no excessive gore, strongly sexual content, or otherwise explicit content. Please refer to the convention rules for details.

  • If you wish to sell items that violate the PG-13 standard they must be hidden from plain view and produced only upon request.

  • We reserve the right to ask you to take down or remove any pieces of art deemed inappropriate by uchi-con staff. This includes “under the table” products that we find particularly objectionable and unsuitable for the convention (such as sexually explicit artwork involving minors or imagery that promotes hateful ideologies).

  • Please do not obstruct the walkways with your displays. We reserve the right to ask you to move your displays if they are impeding traffic

table displays

  • Vendors are welcome in the uchi-con artist alley. However, because we wish to give promote local artists, vendor tables are limited.

  • If you wish to table as a vendor, please submit the artist alley form and check the "I am a vendor" button. Like artists, you will also be required to submit an application containing images of your merchandise (see “Applying for a Table” above for more details).

  • Our affiliation with the University of Chicago means that we will require vendors to submit further paperwork. Please contact us at for extra paper work.

vendor policy